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FundaciĆ³n Puertas Abiertas

Promotion of culture and development of artistic talents

Child nutrition

Integral Education and Training of adolescents

Awareness of the Rights of Children and Adolescents.


Fundación Puertas Abiertas - Awareness of the rights of children and adolescents

Awareness of the rights of children and adolescents

  • Awareness campaigns in the media, interviews and forums on: Protecting children from exploitation and abuse in all its forms The importance of education and nutrition in early childhood.
  • Spaces for youth participation to express their ideas, their talents and develop solidarity actions.

Fundación Puertas Abiertas - Child nutrition

Child nutrition

  • Early Childhood Nutrition Program Provision of nutritional supplements to children under 5 years of age, referred by the Health Centers, at higher risk of malnutrition.
  • Restoration and equipping of children's canteens in primary schools that serve vulnerable populations.
Fundación Puertas Abiertas - Comprehensive Education and Training of Adolescents

Comprehensive Education and Training of Adolescents

  • "Tools for Life" training program to strengthen self-esteem, successful interpersonal relationships, ethical and moral values, teamwork, social awareness.
  • Citizen participation: social work for the benefit of primary school students, in urban-marginal areas.
  • University scholarships to benefit outstanding students for their artistic and audiovisual production talent.
  • Pre-school education: Restoration and equipping of primary schools in urban-marginal areas, providing them with didactic tools to improve the quality of teaching and learning for boys and girls from 3 to 5 years old.

Fundación Puertas Abiertas - Promotion of Culture and development of artistic talents

Promotion of Culture and development of artistic talents

  • Promotion and Development of Artistic Talents.
  • FACILITATING AN Artistic Platform in multiple categories, for young students with competences in the musical artistic area and audiovisual production
  • Training in composition, interpretation, choreography and audiovisual production skills
  • Exchanges of experiences with national and foreign professionals
  • Classrooms of dreams: Habilitation, equipment and musical training to develop skills in boys and girls in situations of social risk.


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Through completely innovative strategies, we create programs and events that use art and entertainment as a form of expression and an engine for achieving results:

  • Promoting a youth mobilization supported by professionals from the artistic medium, social media and social networks, with an annual program of activities and events.
  • Establishment of alliances with private companies and different civic organizations and government institutions. That allow optimizing the results and achieving the sustainability of the efforts.



The Open Doors Foundation seeks through the TALENPRO Intercollegiate Festival to sensitize young students and motivate them to become agents of social change by recognizing their personal abilities and capacities through a process of critical individual and social reflection with a model of repeatable practical experience and replicable by other groups of students. In order to encourage young people in this effort, the President of the Foundation, Erika Ender creates an innovative strategy: A great Intercollegiate Festival of artistic talents TalenPro (Talent with Purpose), where young artists, contestants, must involve and commit their classmates and teachers in a theoretical and practical training program, including a social service, the achievement of which will also be part of the evaluation of the great national contest.

TalenPro Challenge

An Erika Ender Open Doors Foundation Project, to respond to the needs of children at risk of malnutrition, in the face of the CoVid19 crisis.

The 12 winners of the 3 generations of TalenPro, supported by 12 Panamanian personalities (who act as their mentors), forming teams to obtain the greatest amount of donations, for the cause and the areas they represent, calling for a large national collection of two complementary ways:

  1. Competing by posting and challenging others, through social networks, to take on the challenge of the spoon (a symbol that brings food to the mouth of thousands of children). Starting on June 1, on Tik Tok and Instagram they will activate the challenge, seeking to viralize it, so that each team manages to get the most donations for their area. (Each donated dollar corresponds to a point added, for each team, at www.talenpropanama.com and the progress of results can be seen daily on the website at 12 noon, throughout the month).
  2. Competing, as a team, with her talent (participant / mentor) in a Show, on Cadena Nacional, on June 28 at 7 pm. That night compiles the results so far and the talent competition, will generate the difference in the votes, so that the public, donating to the cause of their favorite; define who will be the winner, who collects the most in each category.

Butterfly Project

The classrooms of dreams were spaces enabled and equipped with musical instruments, so that children and young people with limited resources, beneficiaries of the national NGO, Casa Esperanza, received music classes by a professional teacher;Musical training is complemented by workshops on values and motivational talks, in order to create a space for awareness, discipline, training and culture.About 200 children were benefited.