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Fundación Puertas Abiertas

Promotion of culture and development of artistic talents

Child nutrition

Integral Education and Training of adolescents

Awareness of the Rights of Children and Adolescents.

Fundación Puertas Abiertas

Founded by the Panamanian singer-songwriter Erika Ender, the PUERTAS ABIERTAS (Open Doors) FOUNDATION is a Non-Governmental Organization, established as a Private Non-Profit Foundation on February 10, 2009, and recognized as a non-profit social organization, through resolution No. 131-PJ-2019, of May 20, 2019.The Foundation serves 4 Programmatic Axes aimed at the child and youth population of Panama:

Since 2009, and especially with the start of the TalenPro Project, in 2017, a competition that promotes “Talent with a Purpose”, the Foundation achieves a far-reachingnational impact, in which more than 40,000 boys, girls and adolescents have benefited from training programs, remodeled educational environments,university scholarships and exchange of experiences between internationally recognized students and artists, besides early childhood nutrition programs,among others.

Toachieve this great sustained effort, the Foundation has a team of professionalsand volunteers highly committed to the rights of children and adolescents, and important allies and sponsoring companies.

Fundación Puertas Abiertas - Erika Ender

Erika Ender


Fundación Puertas Abiertas - Ilka Ender

Ilka Ender

Executive director

Fundación Puertas Abiertas - Roxana Méndez

Roxana Méndez


Fundación Puertas Abiertas - Ana Patricia Méndez

Ana Patricia Méndez

Project manager

Fundación Puertas Abiertas - Leonela Olmos

Leonela Olmos

Administrative director

Fundación Puertas Abiertas - Anguelik Remón

Anguelik Remón

Promotion Coordinator

Fundación Puertas Abiertas - Yarelis Arancibia

Yarelis Arancibia

Executive Assistant

Fundación Puertas Abiertas - Tania Chong

Tania Chong

Agricultural Technical Coordinator - Sustainable Families

Fundación Puertas Abiertas - José Gabriel Carrillo

José Gabriel Carrillo


Fundación Puertas Abiertas - Gilberto Gudiño

Gilberto Gudiño

Editing, Post-Production & Graphics

Fundación Puertas Abiertas - Dino Wu

Dino Wu


AmorEcos - Official Volunteer

AmorEcos04 SF2018 AmorEcos02 AmorEcos03 AmorEcos01

AmorEcos, from Fundación Puertas Abiertas, is a volunteer group born from the Erika Ender fan club in Panama, almost 20 years ago.  Their mission is being a fan club that not only supports the artist music, but also, her philosophy of life,through the practice of social responsibility, as requested by Erika, since its inception.

Over the years, they have actively worked bringing echoes of love, opportunities and helping hands to others by doing positive activities.

Currently, AmorEcos is a family that shares different cultures, races and religions, in which its only movement is to serve the most vulnerable. This is carried out, both through its own initiatives and also the programs of the Foundation, especially TalenPro.

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